Poetry Post #19: Society’s View

Society’s View by Troy

Click to see the full size!

Click to see the full size!

About the Author: Troy has a dry humor and contributes a lot of positive energy to the class Amy and Jameka have taught. He has a firm grasp of poetry, and also a daughter he loves. What better poem to start of Black History Month with?


Poetry Post #16: La Education


“Education” by Alejandro De Jesus

Is to express the manners

As your vocabulary guide

Regardless of using a dictionary

We took him in as an imaginary dream;

I’m not an architect, nor any

Painter. I take a mastery;

But not philosophy, I go to a neighborhood and is of every day. Share words

That guides me day by day;

I’m locked up, but I think it was not my day

I believe I did not do my homework as any

Other day, but I’ve been coming to a school that did not know or yet

I never thought I would be there.

Hard materials are repeated every day

Just as students change

That day, I’m taking classes at a large battalion, army man I’m not

But my greeting goes to the heart

My words are war, my

Information Modules

My language is Spanish

Proud hearted.

About the Author: He’s been with us from the beginning, and began as a shy student. Now, he is an engaged, funny and constant contributor the the Spanish speaking counterpart of Rei’s class!

Poetry Post #15: Education

Education by Jeff Holloway

Click for the big picture!

Click for the big picture!

About the Author: Jeff Holloway is a new student to Prisoner’s Poetry. He has been interested in poetry since he began writing a year ago. As a poet, he has mainly concentrated in free verse poems, but he has shown interest in expanding his understanding by being an active student when learning about more structured poetry.

About the Poem: This it the first in a series of free verse poems with education as the main theme that were written only a few weeks ago! Holloway’s use of rhyme shows his understanding of rhythm and flow.

Poetry Post #13: When Angels Dare

When Angels Dare by R. Miranda

About the author: R. Miranda has been featured in the second poem, “Seesaw.” In person, he is a large, barrel chested man who beat Danny Trejo during a bench pressing contest. His introspective poems about prison life were brought to life when he performed this poem for the Prisoner’s Poetry group at the Oregon State Penitentiary Poetry Slam night.

Poetry Post #12: Change Your Ways

Change Your Ways by Jacob Greenlee


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About the Author: Jacob “Creeper” Greenlee has been a part of Prisoner’s Poetry since the start. He has truly embraced poetry as an art form of self expression. He has been featured in Willamette University’s Prisoner’s Poetry video. Currently, he is a continuing student and hopes to incorporate poetry in his life after his time in the Oregon State Penitentiary.

Poetry Post #11: My Mother, My Inspiration

My Mother, My Inspiration by Shawn Martin

Click for full size!

Click for full size!

About the Author: Shawn is an old student and very lovable ( a direct quote from Rei!). On that note, Rey describes him as a “teddy bear.” He is currently taking college courses with Chemeketa and is dedicated to being a life long learner. He is interested in pyschology and sociology. He really loves nature and previously showcased a poem about elephants.