About the Program


photo credits: Frank Miller


To create a sustainable program with the Oregon State Penitentiary that allows students and community members to interact with the prison community. By working together with inmates with a creative outlet for personal growth, Prisoner’s Poetry members strengthen ties between the community and the incarcerated.



  • Teach
  • Revive
  • Reach Out

One thought on “About the Program

  1. While incarcerated in Arizona I attended a Writer’s Workshop run by Poet Dick (Richard) Shelton, who also happens to be a Regent at The University of Arizona. Poetry Allowed me to have Humanity. To maintain my “Personhood.”
    Just began my own blog for no reason other than self defense! Type my name in Google: Jeffrey Meranto and what do you see? Federal Government Documents stating I was arrested for Narcotics. My new neighbors wouldn’t speak to me!
    The truth was I was arrested for Marijuana which is a Class 1 Narcotic violation under Federal Law. Actively seeking any advice or comments on my blog.
    Love yours! Thank you. Jeff

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