Poetry Post #16: La Education


“Education” by Alejandro De Jesus

Is to express the manners

As your vocabulary guide

Regardless of using a dictionary

We took him in as an imaginary dream;

I’m not an architect, nor any

Painter. I take a mastery;

But not philosophy, I go to a neighborhood and is of every day. Share words

That guides me day by day;

I’m locked up, but I think it was not my day

I believe I did not do my homework as any

Other day, but I’ve been coming to a school that did not know or yet

I never thought I would be there.

Hard materials are repeated every day

Just as students change

That day, I’m taking classes at a large battalion, army man I’m not

But my greeting goes to the heart

My words are war, my

Information Modules

My language is Spanish

Proud hearted.

About the Author: He’s been with us from the beginning, and began as a shy student. Now, he is an engaged, funny and constant contributor the the Spanish speaking counterpart of Rei’s class!

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