Poetry Post #7: Naturaleza

Naturaleza by Anonymous


Natural like a purity

Simple you are a beauty

You give all the best of your harmony

But, we are satisfied with

Your peace and happiness

From your fruits-colors and life

That you share days and nights

That brilliant color Orange

That erupts from your beautiful

mountains Green full of life

from which the birds sing

the lizards come out of their burrows

the fish jump into their

beautiful waters in which

we can appreciate something natural

that is reflected in various colors

protected by your surroundings

there is no end! It only gets dark

the color of

that burning light ends on a journey

coming out of a quiet solitude and constant

nothing ends it only

repeats itself. Overlooked

in between dark shrubs

the chirp of some grasshoppers

around us we can hear

and in those beautiful waters

a reflection of light we can appreciate

around us brilliant

points we can appreciate

but the sounds vary

they are the tadpoles that sing

their harmony to the water that

continues being a natural today.

About the author: The author is the youngest student in the class, and has insightful thoughts to add to class. He is a bit shy and requires coaxing in class, though.  Rough translation by Rey.

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