One thought on “Prisoner’s Poetry on the Statesman Journal!

  1. Hi Rey,

    Congratulations on this great coverage.

    HB 3194 is still in limbo after initial hearings, but legislators and working on it quietly…they have to have something which can garner enough votes. Here is link to bill to refresh you re: its content:

    It’s a long bill so look before you print.

    I am still prepared to try for a meeting with my legislators if you would like to have the experience of briefing a legislator on the program. Not sure who your legislators are (find them here: but one I would try to set meeting with is Senator Jackie Winters who is co-chair of the Senate Public Safety Committee and the Ways and Means Committee on Public Safety.

    I realize you are busy and this may not be a priority for you. If so, no problem…I just wanted to offer.

    Bill Olson

    503-851-7684 cell

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