OSP Slam Poetry Recap: A Fitting Finale

reynaldo_250It came out of nowhere! All of a sudden Rei was up there in front of the class—RAPPING. I couldn’t believe that my fellow co-founder, the guy I had worked on this project with for almost a year was up there spitting verses like it was nobody’s business! After he was done, he collected himself and sat back down quietly, his calm demeanor once again becoming his dominant personality. I sat there mouth agape and clapping furiously. The Poetry Slam with the OSP students and the Willamette students was an unforgettable night. The students were so happy to have visitors come and hear their work. You could tell a few of them were nervous but they had practiced and practiced and all of them came with a righteous fire. We heard poems about prison life, love, solitary confinement, addiction, and family. After the slam Rei and I presented them with the certificates of completion for successfully completing another semester of Prisoner’s Poetry. It was a moving night to have the students come up one by one and thank us for attending the slam and taking the time to come out and see and teach them every week. It’s been a wild ride, but Prisoner’s Poetry continues to grow at a rapid rate, with nothing but positive things in store for the future. I can’t wait to see where this program is a year from now. But, I do know one thing for sure, and that’s that the end of the year slam from the spring of 2013 will go down in all of our memories for many years to come.

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