The True Kings

rei1It has been approximately 40,320 minutes since my last encounter with this place I have grown to call the palace of discovery. To some, this location would be far from a place where kings roam. However, I would like to challenge their view by presenting works of art that demonstrate elegance and intellect by those who call this place their home. Reflecting on what makes a real man, grasping the metaphysical, allowing change to takes its natural course, evaluating the interconnections between culture and a systematic social structure are just a few of the things these kings do when they write with every stroke of their pen. When I enter this place, I understand that my words are a basic vessel of understanding and knowledge to help these kings build a better infrastructure for their neuron filled kingdom. This place is the Oregon State Penitentiary and these rulers of spirit and mind are students of Prisoner’s Poetry.

Even though I should feel as if I’m making a change in the life of my students, in actuality, I feel as if they have had a deeper impact in my life. I have gain a superior understanding of accepting people for who they are, evaluate the ways in which I learn, and most importantly they have helped me add a piece to my self-identity puzzle. This experience is one I’m truly grateful for, so I thank you kings, my students, for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

There is only about 10,080 minutes remaining before I return to the palace of discovery. I can’t wait.

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