Prisoner’s Poetry Post #1: Hopes and Dreams

Hopes & Dreams by Jacob Greenlee
Jacob GreenleeHopesandDreamsSmallclick on the image for full size!

“An army like a gang of savage jungle ants.

Killer to the core. A monstrous beast with

a team of silent stalkers. Humanity at its

finest. Blood thirsty, heart hungry and never

satiated. Back to the primal. The ways of our

indigenous ancestors, in harmony with our

mother. The most feared adversary, because

every day is a day to die. Keep love alive,

and our hopes and dreams survive. All my

enemies slain. No mercy in my eyes. I shed tears of joy.”

About the author: Jacob “Creeper” Greenlee has been a part of Prisoner’s Poetry since the start. He has truly embraced poetry as an art form of self expression. He has been featured in Willamette University’s Prisoner’s Poetry video. Currently, he is a continuing student and hopes to incorporate poetry in his life after his time in the Oregon State Penitentiary.

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